7 Safety Tips for Baby Bath Time

July 03, 2018

7 Safety Tips for Baby Bath Time

Tips for a fun and safe bath time!

Bath time is (usually) a fun and special time of pampering for parents and their little ones. Yet parents should always practice safety measures when their baby is getting squeaky clean. Here are some helpful bathing safety tips to keep in mind.

Never Leave Your Baby Unsupervised

This is the first and most important rule of all. Children can drown in less than an inch of water. To prevent leaving your baby or toddler alone in the bath, gather all of the supplies you need before putting baby in her tub, including soap, washcloth, towel, clean diaper, etc. It is advised that you always keep one hand on your child while she is in the water. If someone calls you or the doorbell rings and you have to answer, pick your baby up in a towel and take her with you.

Keep the Temperature Comfortable

It is unlikely that your little one will enjoy her bath if she feels cold. Keep the bathroom a comfortable temperature, around 75°F as babies and toddlers get chilled fairly quickly.

Make sure the bath water is a comfortable temperature. It should be warm (not hot or cold to the touch). Test it by dipping your wrist or the inside of your elbow (where the skin is a little thinner and more sensitive) to make sure it is not too hot. Little ones typically prefer to bathe in water that is a little cooler than you.

Do not Overfill the Water

Fill the bathtub with about two to four inches of water for a baby. If you are bathing a toddler (or an older child), do not fill the water more than waist-high when sitting.

Take Steps to Prevent Injury

Injury can happen in the bathtub. First of all, they are super slippery. To make your bathtub safe, keep a rubber bath mat at the bottom for secure seating. Also, encourage your child to sit rather than stand in the tub.

Your spout cover can be bumped into with your little one’s head. To prevent painful bumps, either invest in a spout cover or wrap a hand towel over it after filling the tub.

Another safety risk in the bathtub is sliding glass doors. It is recommended that small children only bathe in tubs that have shower doors if the doors have safety glass.

Do Not Leave the Water Running

Never put your baby or toddler in a bathtub when the water is still running. Temperatures from waterspouts can vary, causing burns in rare cases. The water could also get too deep. Another reason for turning the water off with babies is because the sound of rushing water can be intimidating to some.

Prevent Scalding

As mentioned above, because temperatures can vary from a spout, it is advisable that you set your water heater to 120°F. It only takes two seconds for a child to incur third-degree burns from water that is 150°F or five seconds for 140°F water. Most hot water heaters are set at around 140°F when they leave the factory.

Keep Appliances at Bay

Electric appliances should always be kept away from the bathtub. Ensure that no cords can be reached by little hands as well.

By practicing these important bath time safety tips, you and your little one can safely enjoy bath time while bonding.


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