7 Games for Bath Time Fun with Toddlers

July 03, 2019

7 Games for Bath Time Fun with Toddlers

Bath time can be more than a quick wash and go event and it certainly does not have to be a struggle. If your little one is hesitant at bath time (or you are), try these bathtub fun activities so you both can enjoy bath time.

Try Bath Crayons

Bath crayons are made of soap and often come in fun, kid-friendly scents, including watermelon and strawberry. Have fun drawing in the tub and teaching letter sounds with your bather – just encourage him to not eat the crayons!

Make Hand Puppets with Wash Cloths

Sew two washcloths together to make a hand puppet. Embroider eyes on the top so it has a face and talk in a funny voice while soaping her up.

Use a Small Toy Shovel to Rinse

Grab a plastic sand shovel or other toy to wet and rinse your little one’s hair. This makes washing his hair more fun and he doesn’t have to put his head in the water, which is sometimes scary for new bathers.

Let Your Child Wash Her Toys

Give a small washcloth to your child so she can wash her toys or waterproof dolls while you wash her!

Play “Lifeguard” with Toys

Grab some plastic toys to toss in the bathtub to determine which ones float. Let your child “rescue” those that don’t!

Punch Holes in the Bottom of an Empty Plastic Food Container

Wash out an empty sour cream or yogurt container and poke holes in the bottom. Encourage your little one to fill it with bath water to let it “rain” in the bathtub.

Sculpt Hair with Shampoo

Lather up his hair and sculpt it into different styles. Have a handheld mirror nearby that is safe for a child to use and let him see how silly he looks.

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