4 Pieces of Pregnancy Advice Strangers Don’t Offer

May 22, 2019

4 Pieces of Pregnancy Advice Strangers Don’t Offer

Pregnant women can expect to receive pregnancy-related advice, opinions and even horror stories related to labor from just about anyone. Eventually, you may learn to just smile and tune them out. But there are some pregnancy-related tips that pregnant women need to hear – and they are not always mentioned by the aforementioned givers of unsolicited advice.

Don’t Literally Eat for Two

Eat to fill whatever crazy pregnancy food cravings you may have – pickles with ketchup? Go for it. People may tell you it is okay to eat whatever you want and as much as you want because you are “eating for two” but this is far from good advice. In fact, the second person you are eating for is about the size of a Japanese eggplant or smaller and most definitely does not need that extra bowl of ice cream with fudge, nuts, whipped cream and artificial cherries on top. It is important that you nourish yourself and your baby with foods that are healthy.

It is also hard to keep pregnancy weight gain in check for many women.  Strive to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of whole grains, protein (from sources like meat, beans, nuts, fish, eggs, etc.), fruits and vegetables. Allow yourself some treats on occasion, because, let’s face it, you are working extra hard to make this baby and you deserve it. Just be careful to not go too far with the “eating for two” advice.

Not Everybody Loves Pregnancy and It’s OK

People often feel the undesirable need to remind miserable pregnant women that pregnancy is the most beautiful time in their lives. Although bringing life into this world is amazing and quite magnificent, it does not mean that all of pregnancy is fun and games or that you are less of a person or mother if you don’t find it to be the time of your life. In fact, not being able to see your toes (or other parts of your body) is not the norm for the majority of your life and it is okay to feel that pregnancy is hard on you. You can absolutely love your baby without fully loving the process of growing him in your body for 9 months.

Stranger Belly Rubs

People suddenly feel like it is okay to touch your belly, including strangers. It wasn’t okay before but now that you are pregnant it is suddenly fine for people to touch your midsection? Although it is heartwarming that people appreciate the beauty of bringing forth a new life, if you find that it is just plain weird when people cross your personal bubble and rub your belly, don't be afraid to gently let them know.

It’s Normal to Have Issues with Your Pregnant Body

In this era of picture-perfect lives on social media outlets like Instagram, people are portrayed as enjoying this season of pregnant body bliss with romantic photos of naked pregnant women with their eyes shut on the beach in a sheer cover-up to hide only their most private of parts. Do not be deceived. This is not the norm and if you do not love your pregnant body, it is fine! You may even look great to everyone else but just feel off and it is totally okay to not love your new shape or how it makes you feel.

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