Our Commitment To You


Driven by the need to keep babies, toddlers and even moms safe and well, each OCCOBaby product is designed, manufactured and tested to the highest certified standards. The materials used in our range are chemical free and medical grade and our fabrics are soft, strong and resilient, allowing delicate skin to breathe naturally. This is because we’re committed to developing quality assured products that give children the rest they need and parents, precious peace of mind. We also freely share reliable, reputable advice on our website and social media pages to help you keep your most loved ones safe and sound. 


We provide a no-questions-asked money back guarantee and extended warranty when a customer registers a product with us. We also try to explain how our products work and follow up with customers consistently. Our service is top notch and gold standard as evidenced in the many positive reviews we receive online, which goes to show just how much we’re committed to going above and beyond to make our customers are happy, reassured and having peace of mind they can rely on. 


At the heart of the brand are sustainability and quality. Our materials have a low environmental impact as they’re sustainably sourced, ensuring our commitment to care for both our planet and your children. There are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing and we deliver on quality, performance, and innovation. Our suppliers take meticulous care in the selection of materials and have a complete control over the traceability of the product at its every stage. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to various charities such as ACCO (the American Childhood Cancer Organization) and give all of the returns from our shop to local charities and families in need.

We are one of the largest donors to the Northern Virginia Family Service in 2017


  • Spirit to Serve    Customer always comes first. Because we care.
  • Passion for Innovation    We are constantly seeking new ways to accommodate parents’ needs.
  • Safety Excellence   We rigorously test every product to meets every standard in the book.
  • On–Time Delivery   We guarantee a speedy delivery, every time.