3 Weird Things Newborns Do that are Totally Normal

May 08, 2019

3 Weird Things Newborns Do that are Totally Normal

You’ve been reading up on what to expect upon your baby’s arrival. From sleepless nights to round-the-clock feedings, you have felt somewhat prepared for what is to come. But then things like jerky movements or groaning sounds have you concerned and feeling completely ill-prepared. Below are some strange things your newborn may do that are totally normal. Of course, if you are concerned, we always recommend you call your pediatrician because our articles are never intended to replace medical advice.

Baby Groaning Noises

Babies are noisy. They cry, groan, grunt, snort, and all sorts of other interesting sounds that you will hear come out of him. But many of those strange noises are caused by baby’s narrow nasal passages that mucus gets easily trapped in. If you hear a lot of these sound effects, consider clearing out baby’s nose with a nasal aspirator.

Do take time to watch closely though: If your baby grunts with each breath, it could mean there is some sort of breathing difficulty at play, which would warrant a call to your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Loads of Sneezing

Don’t panic and start to worry that your newborn has a cold if she seems to sneeze a lot. Remember she is new to this world and all of the things that come with it – and in the air. She is super sensitive to many of the things you are immune to already, so if she is sneezing a lot, her little body is probably trying to fight away foreign particles that make their way into her tiny nasal passages. Sometimes newborns sneeze a lot in the days after delivery to get rid of extra mucus or amniotic fluid from their respiratory airways.

If her sneezes are coupled with wheezing, have your pediatrician take a listen to her to rule out anything else.

Random Jerky Movements

Babies jerk - with their limbs spastically flailing about - and it can be concerning at first look, but know it is just part of being a baby. During the first few months of life outside of the womb, your baby is dealing with a lot of developmental changes, including one called the startle reflex, which is what causes a baby to move around jerkily. This usually settles within 3 or 4 months. These jerky movements are a good sign. If your baby does not have them ever, then you may need to talk to your doctor.

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