3 Baby Hair Care Tips

July 18, 2018

3 Baby Hair Care Tips

How to handle your newborn’s hair.

Your new bundle of joy has arrived and you suddenly find yourself presented with a number of responsibilities that you hadn’t thought to prepare for – including how to care with your little one’s head full of hair! Here is how to care for your baby’s hair, which is much finer and more fragile than yours.

Wash as Needed

Babies under 6 months do not produce a lot of oil on their scalps, so you do not need to shampoo more than two times a week. Once your child gets older and is more likely to rub applesauce in her hair, you may want to wash more frequently. Use hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products for your newborn.

Taming Tangles

If your baby has a lot of hair or tight curls, a good trick to prevent tangles is using a baby-friendly conditioner after washing. Rinse out most of the conditioner afterward - but you can leave a little to make brushing easier. A spray detangler may work better for sparser hair, spritzing just the ends. If you run into a stubborn tangle, hold a section of the hair between the knot and the scalp, spray it and gently comb through.

Style with Safety in Mind

Baby hair clips and accessories may be cute but you still should keep an eye on your little one while wearing them. Some may pose a choking hazard if they slip off. It is also important that you take them out for naps as a baby will be unattended.

Infant hair breaks easily. Don’t pull your child’s hair into a tight ponytail until she is a toddler, otherwise, you will risk damaging her fine hair.

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